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  elizabeth edwards


Elizabeth Edwards has an unusual ability to distill, to discover the essence of a creature, an object or an idea and express it in the exquisite forms she creates.

The lines are simple, almost austere. The forms are beguiling in their simplicity and yet they evoke extraordinary emotional responses. There is an other-worldly depth and honesty in the work that is pure delight.

Still waters... Elizabeth is a passionate, thoughtful woman who has always marched to the beat of a different drum. Her quiet, gentle nature belies a life full of colour, drama, tragedy and wonder. She has studied and taught English, French, Latin, Hebrew, Koine Greek and biblical studies. She also does wonderful things with lamb shanks, barley and leeks.

Coyness and humility however, prevent her from giving much away. If you want to know something of the woman, hold one of her beloved sculptures in your hands, they speak of strange and wonderful things.

Elizabeth lives a simple life in Melbourne that revolves around husband and dogs, family, church and her beloved carving. She has been sculpting for over forty years during which time she has only had a couple of solo exhibitions. Her work can be found in The Eastgate and Holst Gallery in Melbourne and more importantly, in many homes around Australia and the world.

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